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Lion City media extracts

SINGAPORE – Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development, Youth and Sports Sam Tan, said the City Harvest Church members’ support for their leaders is understandable.

He said the public’s response to the court case has been forthcoming and rational.

“It is understandable, that there will always be supporters to the leaders, and it is also completely understandable for them to express their support to their leaders. And it is also completely understandable for people who hold different views, to also express such views.
What The Coffee Shop’s Views?

One oldman reiterates, “This Ah Kong sure get hell from the court verdict, the garment won’t make it so big if they are not sure…”
Another oldman disagrees, “No la….. You dunno a lot of things, people got so big a crowd supporting leh…. He got 30,000 members!”
Another one chips in, “Ok la, dun talk only, let’s bet la.”
Rumour has it that coffee shop betting a big figure by now…

Then a Wiseman observes this syndrome and comments, “You can’t be an angel and devil all in one. Either you are truly an angel or, you are devil!”


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