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Hot Media Extracts In Lion CITY
With Coffee Shop Views.
(moderated by pastor Joshua)

The saga of pastor Dr. Kong Hee is still “burning hot” in town.
It has been fueled by his church open statement to the media and public.
Legal experts say this is a risky move by the church itself, amounting to a serious act of interfering with judicial process!

One smart forum writer put it precisely in right perspective: “Cut out unhelpful behaviour, let law run its course”.

Kong Hee’s followers have forgotten one very important fact, that the place of offence/scam is the Republic of Singapore. It means only one fact: There’s social justice.
So, whether or not the church continues to show an attitude of Denial and Foolish Support, if pastor Kong Hee and gang are proven to be really the “Dickheads of Scam” (expressed by coffee shop old folks) and later sentenced by the court, then too bad that his followers have to draft out a long visiting roster to the jail. Because, you can’t have a few hundred people rush to visit jailbirds at one go. But if the law could not pinpoint any fault from their obvious behaviour, then be it.
Justice will prevail. This is true in Word of God too. Thy kingdom come.
It must be fair to say that the church is Not wrong, it is a holy place to worship God. But even church history from the ancient days had unfolded many dirty scams by its own members disguised as “Moses” or angels. BEWARE!

So, pastor Kong Hee’s followers must not be blinded by a figure looks like a Dark Knight (or Moses) and simply throw themselves unto such charismatic leadership. Only look unto God. Say Amen.


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