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Tao Li Failed In London As Expected

Olympic News from the media


commentary by: Coffee Old-folk

The Lion City boastful swimmer TAO LI has to taste her humble pie in the pool of London Olympics. She didn’t even qualify for the finals of two swimming events she desperately tried.

All signs (and facts) are pointing towards an End Game for the swimmer, though for face-saving her coach mentioned that she isn’t too old (?) to try again in RIO 2016 Olympics because there were girls in that were significantly older than her! Good luck.

Even coffee shop old folks knew that for such level of competitive games, at age of 25 and above just spells “No Hope”.

Continue to blame the Lion City Swimming Club for changing her 3 coaches in 4 years… Yet she forgot that others are improving by leap and bound.

Sports arena remains cruel. If you are not in the same league then you are not, regardless what you think. Everything is judged by performance, not by forms and excuses.

What’s The Problem? A New Normal?

Sunday Times extracts (Lion City)

All sorts of corruption cases and underage paid sex offences were dug out from among the well-educated and middle class society segment, in the land of the Lions.

Lessons learnt from these cases are clear. There’s no correlation between the well-educated & well-paid social class with sense of service to the society.

Paying a lot more (not just more) to public service job

policy may need some rethinking going forward. Money not enough is not a good state to be in, but paying too much surely dilute Sense of Purpose!!! The outcome is the same regardless it is religion, politics or public services. Using money as the ONLY solution is treating every problem like a nail – when the toolbox has only a hammer.

Media News – Singapore

Some Interesting News Reports In The Lion City

Lately the Lion City state has some very interesting happening, includes (1) Binge Drinking, young guys going pub drinking till they are totally drunk & sleep along public roadside; (2) University Law professor involved in sexual corruption case, he’s alleged to have sex with his student who in return attained high score.

A fun island state…

Bo Xilai Wife Committed Murder 薄妻杀英国人

Media extracts (China Event)

After months of speculation, finally the Chinese authority has announced that the ex-Chongqing chief’s wife (开来) will be trialled for committed murder of Englishman who had close business & private relation with Bo family. She poisoned and killed the Briton.

Accordingly to sources, Bo Xilai (薄熙来) will surely be implicated.
This is the “package deal” that’s commonly applied to China’s political figures.
But this round of BO XILAI Family drama/saga has been highly supported by the commoners, many think that this is a fair case. As Bo is most corrupt yet “black-hearted” in dealing with his opponents.

Kong Hee & His Body of 5

Singapore Big News Extracts
26 July 2012

City Harvest Church’s (CHC) pastor Kong Hee and 4 other CHC leaders appeared at the Subordinate Court today (25 Jul) for a second mention in a high-profile case involving alleged misuse of millions in church funds.
Some $24 million of church’s funds was allegedly transferred to two companies as bond investments – $13 million to Xtron Productions and $11 million to Firna.
It’s been charged that these were “sham transactions” devised to conceal the diversion of the church’s building fund to finance the pop music career of Sun Ho, Kong Hee’s wife.
When the church’s auditor raised questions about the investments, another $26.6 million was allegedly misappropriated from the church’s funds – $11.4 million to AMAC Capital Partners and $15.2 million to Xtron Productions.

The “Holy Gang” apparently would fight the case till the end. According to legal experts, legal fees for such criminal case may hit $1m each!

Another Kong Hee’s “Collaborator” Charged In Court

LION CITY news extracts  25 July 2012

Church Scam: Another person has been charged in relation to the City Harvest Church court case.

City Harvest Church’s former finance director, Serina Wee, was read 10 charges – six related to criminal breach of trust and four to falsifying accounts.

She joins five others, including founder Kong Hee, who were charged last month with misappropriating money from the church’s building fund.

Some S$24 million was allegedly transferred from the church’s building fund account to two companies as bond investments.

Another sum of $26.6 million was allegedly used to create the impression that the sham bonds had been fully “redeemed”.

Wee, 35, arrived in court wearing a black dress and sunglasses.
Court papers said she was involved in a conspiracy to misappropriate millions of dollars of church funds.  Wee also  allegedly instigated a church accountant to record false entries in the church books on four occasions.

What coffee shop old folks say,

“This is really the biggest scam in the Lion City history.”
“Oh no… she looks saucy.”
“Good, she will be a Jail-bird soon…”

A wiseman overheard and comments, “It doesn’t matter whether a person looks holy or pretty… so long as he/she the culprit of such scam, should go into Changi Hilton for a long stay!”

One old folk asks, “Where is ths Changi Hilton?”
Wiseman answers, “The Cell!”





Interesting News

Asian news extracts

(1) Beijing Flood

Serious flood in Beijing …
After the flood receded, cars piled up…

(2) Robbery In Malaysia

Robbers charged into private home and injured owners and family members …
Police came but refused to take any evident from the crime scene, but why?

Tao Li, Lion City’s Hope Against Hope

Asian sport news extracts

My friend of Lion City sent me the following extracts.

Apparently the Lion City national swimmer (Tao Li) is panicking about her state of competitiveness in the forthcoming Olympic Games in London…

The swimmer was well remembered for the last Asian Games, she attained gold medal in an event.

The Dark Knight Rises – A James Holms Version

Extracts of Most Stupid News Report

22 July 2012

Lion City News Report: James Holms Started Shooting Because He Couldn’t Secure A Ticket For “The Dark Knight Rises”!!!

If that’s considered a wise media spin, then the Syrian rebels definitely very angry about they missed the Batman movie….

Obama, Indian, Yale & Linsanity Rockets

Weekend significant news extracts

Lin has finally joined the Houston Rockets with a number 7.
Indians don’t like Obama.
Obamas kissed at basketball match.
Yale & NUS (Singapore) tie up a wrong marriage vow.

These are the global events for the weekend…

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