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By: Woodie Campbell (Hong Kong)

Singapore Christian Community Is Most Creative

My friends in Singapore kept sending me the updates of a very interesting phenomenon in which one of them called it “Thy Kingdom Come To Town”.

After going through overwhelming materials mainly from the news media, albeit some from the Internet, I must say this “Crossover Phenomenon” could well be an indicator – God is coming…. After been really pissed off.

Yes, everything has two sides of stories. This is truly a clever excuse coming from the respectable (?) and well supported pastor. But, to combine messages and actions such as, Creative, God, Geisha, Vamp, $9m Condo, Falsified financial Accounts, the Gospel of Luke, cleavage and to sum up with declaration “I do maintain my integrity”; all these PERFORMANCES require a guy to be very cunning as well as the quality of Saying Things Staring At God!

Sometimes we can’t blame those scientists who declared God is dead. It’s time for huge amount of justice as gift for this Christmas…

Wow! Send me more update.


Comments on: "KONG HEE’S BRAIN: Creative – God – Geisha – Vamp – Cleavage – Falsified Accounts" (1)

  1. squareface said:

    isnt she a shameful of herself its shown clearly. a pastor allowing his wife to behave like that?? that whats you call the spirit of jezebel and they have brought jezebel in the church. a jezebel singing on the church stage. hey maybe she can do a duet with the satanic Lady Gaga!

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