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Special Singapore Media Extracts of the Week

The following case should be the most haunting experience for Lion City Christian community. Also, it is the largest charity organization “Wrong Doing Case”.
Beside that, in the eye of the storm is none other than the city state’s most influential figure – Rev. Dr. KONG HEE. 康希大牧师.

The “Godly Shepherd” and his network (the gang) were charged in court last week. Subsequent court/legal proceeding will follow. It is expected that lots of sparks and “uhhh…. arrrrr…” will be thrown onto public by media.

Some say that the money-funnelling technique is as complicated as the Spider-Web! The intention seemed to create as big the grey area as possible…. Not to mention, falsified financial accounts! So that the church fund could be used through multi-purpose accounts like bank ATMs!

Some say that Godly man like Kong Hee should be trusted 101% because he declared openly, “I do maintain my integrity”.

And his deputy Rev. Tan (陈一平牧师) said he placed his faith in God. Meaning, you guys go ask God, dun bother with me.

Anyway, until the court passes its verdict, they are still “innocent” men & women as well as God’s lovingly servants, say Amen.

Lion City has become more and more vibrant … With great stories one after another. For sure this Spider-man 4 episode will remain as #1 box office.


Comments on: "Arrest of Kong Hee & Gang 牧师被抓案" (1)

  1. squareface said:

    they ought to in the ‘4 rooms” wall and feel the hunger pangs of the life style there! justice must be done!

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