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为什么还不能接受? Why Holding On To Denial?

“Sometimes Heroes Disappoint” Yet Kong Hee Not Even A Good Pastor…
“The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” 抬举越高,跌得越重!

Picked up this very readable article from the roadside coffee shop table. Read it with my just adequate Chinese language and roughly understand what the author tries to illustrate.
Oh dear, the content may just be a coincident of what happened lately in town (Singapore). It says, it is rather difficult for us (human) to be objective about an incident involving our most respected people in our life. We used to hold on to good images of that person and refuse to acknowledge facts! We tend to find reasons to blindly defence the person we like/love, thinking that the person can do no wrong.

There’s this example in town where a “famous & popular” Christian church pastor and his merry gang funnelling church fund for use in areas that cannot be accepted, worse till, they dared to falsify financial accounts to cover their dirty act! They are now charged in court after 2 years of “hardwork” investigation by the authority, due to the complexity of technique used by the pastor & gang to “laundry & hide” the transactions. The media reported that it’s unprecedented.

Regardless of released information and officially been charged in court, a lot of his church members are still holding on to such denial state of condition, claiming that the pastor and gang are innocent holy people!?



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