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Singapore News Extracts

While 5 City Harvest Church leaders have been charged with criminal breach of trust (CBT) as an agent, many of the congregants interviewed appear to be supportive of them.

…. Court documents state that $26m was allegedly used to COVER UP an initial $24m which they had TAKEN from the church’s building fund and put into SHAM INVESTMENTS.

These investments in turn were alleged to have been used to finance the music career of (pastor) Kong’s wife, pop-star Ho Yeow Sun…
Coffee shop old folks commentary,

“This type of church pastors can really create such a stinky boboo. But, the church members all been Psychoed ah?”

One Wiseman drinking coffee at the shop commented, “I ever heard of a famous Taiwanese writer branded Lion City people as the most stupid population in Asia… As compared to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mainland China…” One oldman jumped up, “No wonder, many Lion City folks continued to be conned into the sweepstake cheats in Johor”.

The Wiseman replied, “Dun make any conclusion yet. Wait till 25 July, see what the defendants have to say.”


Comments on: "Church Backing Wrong Leaders: Kong Hee & Gang" (1)

  1. squareface said:

    N the joke CHKL is aslo following their they do the same thing!!! Parents beaware your children are aslo victims.

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