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Lion City media extracts

By: Old Folk

Hot Cake Or Hot Spring Chicken?

Either “Hot Cake” or Hot Spring Chicken, the Lion City professionals love to go for expensive young and fresh organic “meals” in town.
Such “organic meals” are not cheap! Each serving would cost $500 – $800 depending on freshness and maybe, “cup-size”.

A total of >40 male professionals were rounded up by local law enforcement to have had their “organic meals”, which is unlawful and hence charged in court.

The first customer (a school principal) was sentenced to 9 weeks jail term. The rest of Spring Chicken “organic eaters” are awaiting their case to be sentenced.

According to media report, in some instances, organic customers had to order their “meal” in advance or would be disappointed, as the stocks are in greater demands than expected. One customer had booked 3 times but was turned down in all. He finally managed to secure a booking with fresh delivery but, was caught by the law latter as his name was found in the “delivery invoice”. Too bad.

Coffee shop old folks are amazed by the story of professionals love “fresh organic chicken” and willing to pay for such costly meals.
One old folk says, “Maybe it tastes very different?”
Another says, “I think they got too much money to throw at young and fresh chicks.”
One Wiseman comments, “It’s a social symptom and trendy to proclaim I HAVE ARRIVED and I can afford organic drumstick!”
The old folks let out their cheers, “WOW!”


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