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Special Commentary by pastor Joshua

Charismatic Leadership, Yes & No

Those who had witness the great deeds and contribution of charismatic leaders would of course support the idea of why organizations including nations should have charismatic leaders, such as in the case of Winston Churchill, Gandhi, Jack Walsh, etc.

On the opposite sides, there are reasons why most charismatic leaders brought disasters to human societies, such as in the case of Adolf Hitler, Mao of China, and some Wall Street big scam financiers.

Back to this one, is it good for religious organizations such as Christian churches to have charismatic leaders?

One of the most glaring figures in the Holy Bible is Moses. He was handpicked by God to lead the “Mission Impossible” in Egypt. Initially Moses wasn’t confident about carrying out such a suicidal mission but he OBEYED the God. Only then Moses was totally transformed to be a charismatic leader who followed exactly what God wanted him to achieve. The rest is history.

So, for Churches that always looking out for charismatic leadership to lead them, they better understand the following conditions in which Why Would God Send Them A Charismatic Leader:

(1) That the church has a clear blueprint from God and hence, strong & charismatic leadership style is needed to motivate and push for transformation. Make it certain that this is NOT anything to do with CHINA WINE kind of porn-like MTV and seductive albums.

(2) Moses didn’t stay in a $9m condo or big house when he was transformed into a charismatic leader to lead God’s mission. Moses lived in tent in the desert for 40 years, and he didn’t fly First Class.

(3) Moses as positive example of charismatic leadership demonstrated a golden rule of what it meant to be a great leader: Thou shall not steal.

Christian churches should base on the above conditions to evaluate whether they really need charismatic leadership. Believers of Jesus Christ must not forget that what a good shepherd would die for.


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