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Lion CITY media extracts

The role the media plays in religious dialogue in Singapore came under the spotlight at Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) on Friday.

At the final of six campus talks leading up to the inaugural Straits Times-Ministry of Education National Current Affairs Quiz, or The Big Quiz for short, students fielded questions on whether the recent City Harvest Church court case deserved to go on the front page of The Straits Times, and how the broadsheet reports religious disputes.


Coffee shop old folks were amused by such thinking.
One old folk said, “So long as it’s a big news item in town, nothing wrong to go on the front page of newspaper.”
Another old man said, “Yeah, if the religious people are doing the right things, no reason to be afraid of.”
Nasty old folk said, “Only idiots are afraid of Front Page… Like the pastor who funnelled $24m church funds.”

The Wiseman commented, “religions have no license to do what they wish, so long as they create chaos or doing big cheats, should be put on front page! The media has the duty to highlight such offences and not to help culprits cover up sinful stuff.”


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