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LION CITY news extracts  25 July 2012

Church Scam: Another person has been charged in relation to the City Harvest Church court case.

City Harvest Church’s former finance director, Serina Wee, was read 10 charges – six related to criminal breach of trust and four to falsifying accounts.

She joins five others, including founder Kong Hee, who were charged last month with misappropriating money from the church’s building fund.

Some S$24 million was allegedly transferred from the church’s building fund account to two companies as bond investments.

Another sum of $26.6 million was allegedly used to create the impression that the sham bonds had been fully “redeemed”.

Wee, 35, arrived in court wearing a black dress and sunglasses.
Court papers said she was involved in a conspiracy to misappropriate millions of dollars of church funds.  Wee also  allegedly instigated a church accountant to record false entries in the church books on four occasions.

What coffee shop old folks say,

“This is really the biggest scam in the Lion City history.”
“Oh no… she looks saucy.”
“Good, she will be a Jail-bird soon…”

A wiseman overheard and comments, “It doesn’t matter whether a person looks holy or pretty… so long as he/she the culprit of such scam, should go into Changi Hilton for a long stay!”

One old folk asks, “Where is ths Changi Hilton?”
Wiseman answers, “The Cell!”






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