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commentary by: Coffee Old-folk

The Lion City boastful swimmer TAO LI has to taste her humble pie in the pool of London Olympics. She didn’t even qualify for the finals of two swimming events she desperately tried.

All signs (and facts) are pointing towards an End Game for the swimmer, though for face-saving her coach mentioned that she isn’t too old (?) to try again in RIO 2016 Olympics because there were girls in that were significantly older than her! Good luck.

Even coffee shop old folks knew that for such level of competitive games, at age of 25 and above just spells “No Hope”.

Continue to blame the Lion City Swimming Club for changing her 3 coaches in 4 years… Yet she forgot that others are improving by leap and bound.

Sports arena remains cruel. If you are not in the same league then you are not, regardless what you think. Everything is judged by performance, not by forms and excuses.


Comments on: "Tao Li Failed In London As Expected" (1)

  1. It’s up to you whether you want to consider Tao Li Singaporean enough to represent us at the Olympics – the table tennis team and the badminton female player Gu Juan certainly aren’t Singaporean – but Tao Li’s performance definitely can’t be considered a failure. She set a new national record in the 100m backstroke and swam her fastest time since the Beijing Olympics in the 100m butterfly. The other swimmers are just world class and in a different league. Just for reference – Jiao Liuyang, the 2010 Asian Games champion in the 100m butterfly also didn’t qualify for the finals this year

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