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Why Liu Siang Cannot Afford To Lose At Olympic Track

Media extracts

Not once, but twice such an act happened on the Olympic track for Liu Siang, first in Beijing and now, London.

Those who still believe that this is a coincidence are rather, simple-minded.

From people who REALLY knew what China Sports Commission is, then it is perfectly making sense that Liu Siang CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE ON OLYMPIC TRACK. This is not his idea BUT the national direction. Liu has no choice but to Play Along. Unless he thought of defecting his country. But he needs the Hero treatment, at least in China.

Why would Liu Siang able to recover from injury and improved leap and bound before the London Olympics and even set very good timing on international events, but SUDDENLY bogged down by injury again, at the right time and right place? Yes, Liu has his injury, but it also becomes a damned good excuse and cover-up from time to time.

Because to China, Liu Siang has become a big legend for his feat in Greece Olympic. For no Asian has ever won a Huddle gold medal in modern Olympic history. So, unlike other sports, China cannot afford Liu to be defeated on an Olympic track. So, unless Liu is still in superb form, China would not allow him to compete in an Olympic anymore. For other international meets, it is OK for Liu to try out his form and training.

In this case, China can claim the Only Champ in the Olympic 110m huddle by an Asian, of China! And, as a matter of fact, Liu was never defeated on the event, on Olympic track…

Just look at how China manipulates the Badminton and Table Tennis sports all these years….

Hip-hop Stars Come To Singapore?

Interesting media extracts

By: Roadside Picker

Accused of Illegal Underaged Paid Sex Disguised As Hip-hop Star Outside The Court

The saga of 48 men caught and to be charged in court for underaged paid sex early this year still has its spark.
Today one of them was charged in court. What makes him so interesting is, he and his friend who escorted him to the court disguised themselves to look like a pair of
Hip-hop stars. The purpose was to cover up the faces so that reporters and journalists could not recognise the accused. And hence his real identity would not be reported on media (newspapers) the following day.

Good idea but what an idiot he is…

No To The “Donation” To Kong Hee & Gang

Media extracts

The Singapore local press made known that pastor Kong Hee’s church fellows intended to solicit money from within the church, to fund he and the gang’s lawyer fees, in a court case that alleged Kong Hee & gang funnelling of $24m church funds for “other usage”. It is also alleged that they falsified the accounts to cover up the biggest scam in Singapore history.

Good that the Commissioner of Charity has severely warned the church NOT to involve in the lawyer fees donation saga.

Coffee shop old folks cheer for the decision.
One old folk says, “how dare they intend to use church donated fund again to cover their lawyer fees!”

Real Spirit vs Pseudo Covers

Media extracts

Japan – 500,000 lined up to cheer their Olympic heroes.

The African team – pride for world record in 4 x 100m relay.

The Lion City…. Table Tennis!!!

Now, think again… And think harder.

“Yes, We Can”

Media extracts

A China First

Finally, this Chinese won for her and China their first ever Miss World title.
No mean feat though.

Lion City Train System

Media news extract

Where Efficiency Is Most Needed

Just thinking aloud, mass rapid transit and Tubes in New York and London. They have been operating for as long as up to 80 years… With much older train cabins….
Fetching much much higher volume of commuters….

Facts can’t lie….
Singapore Mass Rapid Transit, is time to be more “rapid” and go search for your lost efficiency somewhere….

Sometimes Don’t Compete Is A Better Strategy

Media extracts

Why So Coincident For Two Olympics?

China famous athlete Liu Siang a quitter in two consecutive Olympics (Beijing and London) for his pet event 110m hurdler race remains a mystery in sports history.

The official reason for the two occasions is injury. But it is very strange. In both cases, Liu appeared Fit & Confidence in international races before Olympics.

Given the benefit of doubts, it may just reflect an intelligent theory in life, that Sometimes It’s Better Not to Compete … But To Win The Next Battle.

“You Can’t Bluff All The Time” – Table Tennis

Important media extracts

Table Tennis May Be Kicked Out of Olympics! Reported Japan Media

Finally, such “bluff” cannot be sustained in Olympics…
It was reported in Japanese media that Olympic Council has “realized” that all these years the sport of table tennis ate being ABUSED by mainland China players, through systematically allowing their table tennis players to switch nationality and represent countries that “desperate” to go the “fast food” way of promoting sports and FALSE pride. Lion City is one of the example.

Now the Olympic organization raises the issue again, considering whether to terminate such bluff sport-contracting behaviour once and for all… Otherwise, this sport is merely a GAME Playing Ground for China players to share among themselves medals and monetary rewards that’s all. There’s no real sporting value nor true national pride but, just commercial packaging – Some call it Branding (?).

Is time… To reflect.
Lets burst the balloon!

Instant Noodle Strategy Won’t Work for Lion City Sports

Singapore media extracts

Viewpoint by Oldman

National Value Cannot Be Built By Commercialized Programs

Today’s newspaper commentary highlights the essence of “Instant Noodle” mindset that’s common to the Lion City state. Such strategy might work well in the commercial world where companies headhunt talents from everywhere, to achieve their enterprise goals. Whereas for sports, this is ONLY applicable to the sport clubs such as NBA basketball and the English and European soccer.
Once the same strategy is used on National level and overdone, it can backfire!

The result? A polarization and splitting view about is it worth to just get a few medals with “self-proclaimed” value? The fact is, half of the population don’t buy it.

A lesson to be learned.

“Sport Contractors” Not Equal To National Value

Comment on ST Forum Letter

11 Aug 2012

So Long As “Sport Contractors” are used extensively, Lion City can forget about building true national value and real pride.

Use of Sport Contractors is a marketing technique – Branding. It is purely a commercial act (strategy), and hence not equal to national value at all. Many are confused with this.

Khoo Swee Chiow is definitely a positive example, but the same cannot be said for some sports in which mainly “hires” foreign sport contractors brought in to get medals… And medal does not equal to national value based on such contractor strategy. Just look at why the Malaysian badminton player Lee Chong Wei is being honoured as national hero.

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