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If Monaco Signs Up China Players Then They Will Have Olympics Medals Too…

In the media the Lion City reporters says the nation should thank its migrant Chinese table tennis players Feng for winning the Olympic brone medal. Feng will be rewarded with $250,000 cash under the sports scheme.

Coffee shop old folks just don’t quite get it.
One asks, “People obviously could acknowledge Feng’s personal effort in the tournament, but why must we thank her?”
Another says, “Unless she did it for free… These players are “brought in” to train and go get medals. It’s like a contract. So do you thank the contractors when they are well rewarded for the job done?”

The Wiseman commented, “Nothing wrong with Feng. She did well individually and should be commended. But Lion City don’t need to thank her because she’s well rewarded to do the job. This is very normal as many countries are doing the same in order to get a few table tennis Olympic medals to boost ego. For example, countries like Brunei or Mongolia or Monaco could also bring in some Chinese players if they wish. You guys must accept that this is a common practice and trend and be more open-minded to welcome talents. Anyway, it’s just about gaining international branding through sports and games. Don’t take it too high a level… Is plainly a case of setting a goal and go all out for it. It’s a quick-win strategy.”

One young man joins in, “The hard fact is, China has very good table tennis players in the thousands! Only a few have the chance to represent China. The rest have to find their own destiny overseas. You can’t blame them.”

An old coffee shop helper chips in, “Oh yes, in table tennis sport, it is often to see mainland Chinese players representing different countries, even western nations.”

One cute old folk jokingly says, “What happen if the Mongolia Republic wants to get a medal in basketball in the Olympics? Can they do it?”
Another old folk says, “Sure, bring in a team of young US or Spain college top players for a few years and make them hold its passport. And pay them each a million dollar if they get a medal in Olympics.”

The Wiseman says, “Look, you guys are getting the point. Everything is possible in this modern and commercially-driven world. No big deal.”


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