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Commentary on Lion CITY media extracts

By: One Coffee Shop Old Folk

Some People Still Quite Thick-headed

Enough have been said about the pros & cons of “hiring sport contractors” for gaining national pride.

Those who support the concept their thinking has a big flaw – that they equate national sporting pride with commercial events!!!

This is not about the same strategy of bringing in foreign talents to the economic sectors to be competitive and productive. This is about ignoring the fact that national pride over sporting events is deeply rooted in Culture & history of a nation.

Ask around, if bringing in Sport Contractors could really bring about national pride and spirit of One People, why till today there are still many people expressing their disagreement? Think.

Yes, a nation could bring in as many immigrants to fill its needs in economic and scientific base for the good of overall national development, but doing the same for sporting spirit and pride is totally different thing all together. It is deeply rooted in culture and history that sporting pride has to be bundled with national consensus that make sense, NOT hiring “sport contractors”, which is a very short-term view. Such “candy sweetness” won’t breed pride and inspiration among people, it only continues to create polarization of views and sentiment. Is it worth it for such long-term trade offs just to bring back a few medals?

Readers may read the following articles on the Lion City media by 吴俊刚. It sounds “Logical” but far from the truth.
Lion City’s minister has just commented in London that the country hopes not to keep relying on foreign players to “collect” Olympic medals. That makes a lot of sense. It shows that a rethink of this Sport Contracting strategy has emerged.


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