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Not once, but twice such an act happened on the Olympic track for Liu Siang, first in Beijing and now, London.

Those who still believe that this is a coincidence are rather, simple-minded.

From people who REALLY knew what China Sports Commission is, then it is perfectly making sense that Liu Siang CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE ON OLYMPIC TRACK. This is not his idea BUT the national direction. Liu has no choice but to Play Along. Unless he thought of defecting his country. But he needs the Hero treatment, at least in China.

Why would Liu Siang able to recover from injury and improved leap and bound before the London Olympics and even set very good timing on international events, but SUDDENLY bogged down by injury again, at the right time and right place? Yes, Liu has his injury, but it also becomes a damned good excuse and cover-up from time to time.

Because to China, Liu Siang has become a big legend for his feat in Greece Olympic. For no Asian has ever won a Huddle gold medal in modern Olympic history. So, unlike other sports, China cannot afford Liu to be defeated on an Olympic track. So, unless Liu is still in superb form, China would not allow him to compete in an Olympic anymore. For other international meets, it is OK for Liu to try out his form and training.

In this case, China can claim the Only Champ in the Olympic 110m huddle by an Asian, of China! And, as a matter of fact, Liu was never defeated on the event, on Olympic track…

Just look at how China manipulates the Badminton and Table Tennis sports all these years….


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