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Cecilia Sue & Ex-Narcotics Chief Saga: A Selection of Media Photos

Public media photo selection

Comments by Market Old Folk:

Tales of two women and one men, LV bag, fashion dresses, sun glasses, “SP in your body”, oral x 10, etc. etc., draw tremendous public interest and imagination.
Each photo tells a line of the intrigue story…

Singapore F1 Should Provide Full Disclosure

Singapore media extracts

Ms Anna Quek has put forth a very reasonable request in ST Forum, she stated that Singapore F1 should show more transparency in its Cost-benefit analysis.

Many points she raised in her letter to the forum page are valid, and Singaporeans have the right to know more, for the huge amount of money (public funding) spent.

Too much hype and unclear projections.
Such event only meant for the motoring enthusiasts with no real benefits to overall economy…
Some say the F1 shapes the way investors look at Singapore … Based on a few CEOs comments, that they moved their regional HQ to the Lion City. This is a very “loose” way of fixing an answer to a more complex issue. Key business decisions don’t base on whether a country (or location) runs F1 races, but it is based on political, travel hub & economic considerations.

The two IRs are more realistic “investments” for Singapore’s tourism trades.

Cecilia Sue

Lion City local media extracts

By: Market Old Folk

More And More Coming… Oral X 10

According to local media report, Cecilia had done a total of 10 “mouth treatments” for the ex-Narcotics chief of Lion City. Not the initial claims of 4. This is a very big variation.

So, is somebody’s memory gone off the mind or what? (having Dementia?) Can’t even differentiate between 4 and 10. Amazing….. What a IT sale manager she was.

Still twisting and turning… her tongue.

Now even the market old folks don’t believe her stories.

“When You Want To Take In?” Cecilia Saga

Lion City news & media extracts

By: Market Old Folk

Who To Trust? 你几时要吞下…?

The following are conversation of market old folks:

A : “Whao, this woman really can twist around her statements in court…. With her mouth.”

B : “Yeah, it seems that her oral skills good ….”

C : “One moment she said she was forced, next she admitted they are closed to each other… And asked him whether he did DIY… And had sex but claimed she’s forced. Accordingly to the press.”

D : “People say she used Body and IT as sales packages…”

E : “Who you think the judge will trust? Can her Mouth be trusted?”

A smart old folk: “God knows…. All these are reported by the media…. Wait for the final truth to be presented.”

Singapore Oral Case In Court Hearing

Local media news extracts

By: Roadside Picker


The case of ex-Narcotics chief asked for sex favour from an IT firm sales manager is now on court hearing, as reported by the media.

It is astonishing that how the details of oral sex been openly reported in the local newspapers!

The fact remains, that the woman badly needed the IT contract from the narcotics agency, period.

Why iPhone Episodes Are Heading To No Where

Commentary by: Allan Peters

Apple iPhone 5 Points To Apple’s Destiny

Here’s one last word for Apple – Gone!

Unless Apple starts to relook over its product strategies for the next few years, it is almost halted in its “technology highway” with what a poor show of this “great” piece of smart phone called iPhone 5.

This company truly based on one genius to excel …
But the trouble is exactly because of end of one genius era.

A technology company can’t just based on marketing alone to win the game out there, if requires solid backing of innovation in technology and commercial practicality.

Some say iPhone 6 will come with another breakthrough – a longer than iPhone 5 screen… And maybe, just maybe, in green colour casing.

The following pictorial illustration makes a lot of sense…

王立军打薄家屁股 Bo Xilai Case

By: 中国观察家

Short Commentary of Media Report – Bo Xilai

Bo was fixed up true and true by his own servant and inner circle guy – Wang Li Jung.

In retrospect, we now knew that Bo is actually a man with too much guts and little brain.
He failed badly in terms of behaving like a true leader. He instead behaved more like a gangster chief, without compassion.

Simply put, if Bo has little bit of compassion, Wang Li Jung would never want to take his case to the US Embassy. Which is Wang’s ONLY option left to save his own life. That simple.

China Pandas – Always A “PR” (permanent resident)

News/Media extracts


Two cute pandas are on loan to the Lion City, apparently for a 10 years “contractual period”.

IF the two pandas were to have new born baby, it still considered property of China. They will all say “good-bye” after 10 years… and back to China.

Apparently such “Panda Politics” is reguarded as of very high honor for countries that are given the contractual adoption.

That “Ping-pong Politics” seems a long time ago… now is Panda.


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