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Top Media Personalities 徐秀兰入榜

Rating of Top Media Personalities

By: Media Hotdog

We have pulled together many media personalities that created storm during the past one year, including hot figures such as Queen of England, Obama, Osama, Bernanke, Mitt Romney, Prince Charles, Prince williams, Ng Boon Gay, Peter Lim, ex-SMRT CEO, etc, etc,

But the following three strong candidates stood out like soared thumbs. They are, Ganganam Style man (Korea), Cecilia Sue (Singapore), and Jeremy Lin (USA).

Of the three finalists, our high-level panel’s final rankings are as follows:

Top ranked (#1): Gangnam Style man.
Reason – Don’t even need to explain.

Runners UP (#2): Jeremy Lin.
Reason – First Asian American (Chinese) to shock the US NBA world like a huge twister!

Best Consolation (#3): Singapore’s Cecilia.
Reason – The most forgetful information technology professional the “tiny red dot” ever produced! Simply hot, surely a crowd-drawer.

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