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Why Gangnam Style Succeeded

Special news commentary

Go Gangnam!

No one would be surprised that Gangnam Style is the name of pop throughout the world, regardless of nationality and race.

But why?
Here are 5 reasons for Gangnam Style to become King of All Dances at this moment,

(1) The form of “horse dance” is very refreshing. People are sick of breakdance, hiphops, etc. Trend followers are badly in need of a new form (style) of dance. Gangnam cuts in at the right timing.
(2) The language (Korean) is strange to many non Korean-speaking crowd. Sometimes singing along some strange wording can be more exciting and it gives people a whole new sense of “speaking in tongue”.
(3) It arrives at a time when K-Pop is already a major music platform. It helps.
(4) It is more a “mass participation” than an individual craft/dance. The more people in syn is better, in public eye. So, it gets mass support straight away. This is a key success factor.
(5) It carries very strong Mass & Public image culture. From the mass society, for the masses. Everybody can buy-in and kick start with friends and whoever like to join in. It is a Social-networking Platform by itself. Powerful.


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