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Lion City media extracts

By: Roadside Picker

POOR AMY RAN AWAY FROM LION CITY (She’s Australian citizen as reported by the press)

The sacked senior official of Lion City’s national labour agency has flown to Australia… According to the press news reporting.

Amy’s defence is that she wrote what she thought in her mind. (I.e. You may interpret it as being a very truthful person.)

It is hard to judge whether the outcome for Amy is too harsh or not? Maybe we should spare a thought for her after all, and be a more gracious society.
As the voting on the media website goes, most people think that Amy should be forgiven since she apologized at the first instance. (stands at 48% at the moment).

We are living in a society where we have to respect each others customs and social norms. Not on personal preferences. Amy is very careless about expressing such highly sensitive remarks…

Facebook is not one’s personal garden, in reality, it is like a public park now. Carefully observe the rules.

Otherwise… No peace and harmony.


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