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Singapore F1 Race Wastes Money?

Good News Extracts (GNE) zooms in on Lion City media

Apparently, the voices against Singapore F1 Race have yet to die down.

The deputy president of National University of Singapore, Mr. Ngiam who was a senior civil servant, makes his most publicly and commendable assessment of the Singapore F1 Race. The reported article may reflect the view of large local population(?).

There are enough people out there would agree with Ngaim.

For those who believe in Tourism Branding that really requires F1 Races and “burning cash”, think again…
Coffee shop old folks are saying: “show us how the figures REALLY add up! Not just saying this and that would bring in lots of revenue and good name etc. It has to be more convincing for the commoners to understand the real impact. Not just shows, drinking and dances…”

Any way, the argument will continue…


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