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Singapore NUS Got Talent? 新加坡之福?

Lion City media extracts
for The series of “Idiots & Good Guys”

By: Roadside Picker

There are Idiots & Good Guys…

From time to time, commoners like us read about news on idiots and also, good guys.

Here’s this week’s pick:

We leave it to clever readers to evaluate Who’s an idiot and Who’s a good guy indeed. 谁是浑蛋? 谁又是好样的?

(1) The ex school principal has turned over a new leaf and now working in food industry.

(2) The Asean Scholarship holder (on PC screen wearing green) studying in NUS. He posed in a sexual clip (he & gf) on his blog for all, and now boasts about, “What can NUS do to me?”

NUS (National University of Singapore)


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