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Singapore media extracts

by: pastor Joshua

Which Story Would You Buy-in?

Recently the Lion City produces two very interesting individual stories that reflect on two extremes of life-style and social responsibility.

The key question remains: “Can you really do what you like and at the same time avoid being held responsible for public / social impact?”

This following guy (wearing a stupid stuff on his head) who’s a law student under scholarship in National University of Singapore thought he could do whatever he likes and that’s his own issue… (He posted sexually explicit pictures & video of he & girlfriend on their blog Sumptuous Erotica). Which has since been taken down. He said that his parents are very proud of him (doing such things for show-off) as quoted by the media?!

Another guy who was a “runaway student” from school and eventually regained correct posture to become a PhD holder (Princeton University) and now a lecturer with Nanyang Technological University. He strives to help students with the same problem like him before.

Who’s more right?

The girlfriend of the above law student (NUS) seems very proud too…. (as reported by Yahoo News).

She told one Malaysian media: “I don’t care about what people say or think about me or….”


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