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Extracts of web/blogs out there…   23 Oct 2012

The Biggest Ever Sexual Saga Created By Law Student of National University of Singapura


The following web extracts are quite “Something”:

…. Taken from Mr. Alvin XXX profile, these are his posts:
 “I love these NUS Board of Discipline hearings, where the judge and the prosecutor are the same people” – [The NUS is conducting an internal disciplinary hearing into the sex blog].

 “Psychologists who have clever things to say about our behaviour should tone it down. How credible is your “appraisal” if you haven’t even met us, much less conducted a proper assessment on us?” – [In a recent report, a psychiatrist claimed that both Tan and Lee’s sex blog was nothing more than a ‘cry for attention’]

 “To those who say that we teach children the wrong things, look: those are your children. The world is bad and evil, and it is your job as parents to shield them or educate them about things like this. Ultimately, we don’t owe more than an ounce of responsibility towards the young individuals whom you bring to this world. If your children get their hands on this so-called obscene material that we published, you only have yourselves to blame for not knowing how to control your kids. It’s not our duty to make parenting and education easy for you, so go and learn how to be good parents instead of blaming others when it is you who failed.” [ In a related report, parents labelled both Tan and Lee as ‘stupid, disgraceful and selfish’]


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