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By: Sports Observer

When the International Cycling Union needed someone like Armstrong to carry the “banner” for the sport to promote professional cycling, they turned their heads away from his drug usage…

In a way, Armstrong as a come back guy (of cancer treatment) was “used” as a Hero in that era for promoting professional cycling which is a huge business in Europe. EVERY SUCCESS NEEDS A STORY, AND EVERY STORY NEEDS A HERO.

Armstrong was in an era he could leverage the situation in cycling world. So he did. And the cycling world needed a “giant promoter” too. They condoned his Act of Enhancement to win. It was a deal. Otherwise such a continuous and long period of enhancement drug usage by so many cycling sportsmen should be caught much earlier.

At the end of the road, the cycling world proves to be cruel when they don’t need a old (fading) hero….. When the sport comes under tremendous pressure from all fronts.

Both Armstrong + professional cycling world have to face the history’s cruel fact! It’s a group act!!! Not just one man’s fault! But sadly the media failed to point that out….

It’s final. Armstrong is stripped off all his Tour de France titles and banned for life.


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