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Some (or rather most) Facebook Owners Tiny-brain Attitude

Singapore media article extract

26 Nov 2012

by:  Coffee Shop Old Folk

The Author Is Damned Right About What Happens To Facebook These Days…

Facebook ends up a low-down platform for many tiny-brain human to boast about what they eat and where they visit … and who they are drinking with…

My coffee shop friends are really pissed off with the following Facebook boastful and low-down mentality: 

–  write about “i just went to this xxx restaurant to have a nice meal… look at the pic… that’s what i orderd.”

–  write about “hi i am in xxx country now…. wow… look at the hotel i am staying…”

–  look at how much i enjoy these girls aound me…

–  look at my oral …

–  look at this… look at that…

One old folk says: “those really got money to enjoy real big things never write in Facebook right? only little A** try to boast…”

Another old folk chips in, “oh yeh, you know what? there’s this girl of my friend’s uncle’s neighbour’s daughter who used to boast about things on her Facebook, she even posted her overseas university examination results on it… but my friend told me that her facebook nowaday becomes rather ‘quiet’. That’s because after her graduation from a UK university and couldn’t find a job there, now back in town working as a low-grade admin staff of a community institution. Nothing else to boast, haha.”

A wise guy nearby commented,  “Those tiny-brain human always assume that they are great living things hovering high above but in reality, they are just small meatballs rolling around…”



An Emotionless Nation? Singapore

News extracts

23 Nov 2012 FRI
By: Coffee Shop Old Folk

Why Singaporeans Can’t Accept The Survey?

The recent survey on emotion expression by countries (by an international agency) has aroused some ripples in Singapore. Because the small Red Dot has been rated as the Most Emotionless Country on earth.

Some coffee shop old folks tend to agree with the survey result, reasons:

– Singaporeans grown up in a system and environment that can only accept praises (even the bluffs) but NOT slightest constructive criticisms. We love to be commended for word #1 in this and that…. That’s all.

– Living long under the “harmony” banner and tend to be extremely cautious about expressing personal pinion or emotion in public (not even on Facebook). It proves to be a right/safe way of living in harmony…

At the end of it, there’s nothing wrong being rated last for something ONCE IN A WHILE.

Cheer Up!

Nothing Less Than Michelin 3 Stars

By: pastor Joshua

Why Word of God Is Michelin Food For Revelation & Salvation

I read the following news article with great admiration for those who hold the Michelin stars, determined and passionate to serve the best food to those who seek for the best… “Godfather” of French cuisine Alain Ducasse is one such example.

Word of God being translated into sermons are the best cuisine that provide human with salvation and revelation.

But sad to say, some “chefs” for such great “food” just lack passion & God’s revelation in order to prepare the best cuisine during a sermon. They basically treat their service for the church (flock) as a job (I.e. Career).

Learn from Michelin chefs! Pastoral staff.

Readers should read the extracted article in detailed to understand what my thought is based.

Why Not Groom From Within? Lion City Badminton Future

Lion City local media report:
19 Nov 2012  MON

What The News Report Says

Lion City Badminton Association was mentioned by a 3rd party source that it tried to “rob” over Malaysia’s one of the most promising junior badminton female player (age 12).

It was reported that the (Lion City) badminton association has offered her a place in the national team and huge sum of  scholarhip award (money) from secondary school all the way to university. 

When this deal was exposed, apparently Lion City badminton association says: “No such thing…”


Coffee shop old folks:  Who to believe?  But if it is true, then Lion City BA is really quite cheap thrill. If they are desperately wanting to collect some medals, They should try China… such as those table tennis contractors.


Lacking Command Responsibility In Army Training?

Lion City news extract

By: Old_Folk@CoffeeShop

Time To Reflect On Simple Questions/Issues

The defence minister came forward to announce the outcome of an investigation in parliament. It is concerning why two young soldiers died in training within two months in first half of this year.

Apparently it was reported that it all boils down to Neglected Training Safety Management! (Now, tell the poor patents of the dead young men about this.) News reported that army sent A Group of 8 officers to inform parents about the investigation outcome!

As usual, coffee shop old folks love to comment and give their two-cents worth of opinion, that

– improving training safety is not about keep adding more and more regulations, it is about close supervision on the ground! This is the first golden rule.

– without seriously and truly upholding Command Responsibility at each level of command chains, training safety cannot be effectively achieved. (dun ask old folks to explain this…. The army should know it better.)

– smoke can kill, but poor mind-set is worse!

For donkey years, the Lion Army has been working on improving safety management. Hopefully this time round the stars and “crabs” are much more determined than previously… to boost up training safety.
Keep up the usual good work, guys.
And remember, command responsibility matters.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen today revealed that there
were clear breaches of training safety regulations in the
deaths of two full-time national servicemen earlier this year.
A Commanding Officer has since been replaced and six
other commanders redeployed for the regulations
contravened under their watch, even as investigations are
ongoing to see if they should be prosecuted in the military
or civil courts.

Yeh-hooh! Alvin Tan The GangNUS Style

Latest Lion City media extracts

Why Alvin Should Be Praised!?

The Sex blog saga of NUS law student Alvin seems to come to a close. He’s good enough to get just a little scratch (cancellation of final year scholarship money) from the Disciplinary Committee convinced by the university.
GangNUS Style! Alvin now can continue his law studies.

Alvin Tan Still Up and Kicking… GangNUS Style

Latest media extracts

By: Khoo

Our Alvin Tan (pride of Asean Scholarship) Still Up and Kicking… GangNUS Style

But he says, “Damn tough to keep silent on the blog…”



Can our Alvin become the GangNUS in Malaysia & Singapore? Maybe…


Latest Singapore news extracts

10 Nov 2012 SAT

A Test of Public Conscience….

国大无知的一面 What NUS Trying To Hide?

Singapore Chinese news forum letter extract

9 November 2012

What exactly NUS (National University of Singapore) trying to hide or cover-up?
Many are expecting the university to be Transparent about the disgraceful sexual blogging case of its law student, Mr. Alvin Tan.

The case is no longer just a happening between the university and its student! It is a larger social matter that affects many students and parents alike.

Once again, what NUS trying to hide? One thing NUS must bear in mind: It is NOT a business entity; it is an institute of higher learning that’s responsible to the entire society!


Extracts of web forum feedback:


Apparenty people out there demand a more transparent approach to handling of this NUS Law-Sex-Alvin saga…

NUS Has Problem To Disclose Disciplinary Action???

Singapore media hot extracts!
(8 Nov 2012 evening press)


NUS Refused To Publish What Disciplinary Action Taken For Alvin Tan’s Case?!

After this morning’s news report, many Singaporeans including member of parliament and NUS law students are very upset about NUS decision not to disclose any detail of the disciplinay action, due to confifentiality(?).

image Alvin has won the appeal?

Apparently this is considered by many a very “unusual” way by the university with regard to handling of such cases. Many thought that students and public have the right to be informed of the outcome of the case.
Looks like this case has not been “closed” properly…


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