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Ass Sniffing

Most INTERESTING Lion City News Report (media extracts)

How Much It Cost For “Asshole-Sniffing”

Aparently this case happened in December last year in Singapore. It goes to show how stressful for Singaporean men to get married.

One newly-wed guy (31 years old) was sooooo bored that he suggested to a lady in public place that he would pay her to sniff her asshole! 
This desperate guy was willing to offer cash up to $200 to sniff her ass or $300 to lick it, as reported by the local media.


IT was reported that this idiot was under tremendous stress when he went through the precess of wedding.
He has told the press that he wants to “moved forward” and starts life anew… after settling this case.

Local media report:
附近、丝丝街一带的益贵地广场(Equity Plaza)发生。


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