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Comments by: Coffeeshop Uncle

Prediction: Alvin Will Lose His Scholarship Money or…

Today the NUS says that the university would take disciplinary action against Alvin Tan, the “Running Loose” law student & a scholarship holder. Though the final statement is yet to be released by National University of Singapore (NUS), it is likely that this Sex scandal NUS Law student will end up paying the price of his foolish and arrogant sex act on his Facebook.

The reason?
Simple, can NUS affords to loose its own credibility and reputation as top Asian university because of this “tiny brain” law student?

Worse still, the whole Lion City population are watching how the university board deals with this case.

That is to say, Alvin will be stripped off his final year scholarship money and he has to pay from his own pocket if he wish to continue his law studies.

Yet, the worse case scenario can happen, that NUS may even go further as to terminate Alvin from the course all together, to serve as an example for many other scholarship holders if they violate the rules.

Latest: Apparently Alvin refused to take any call from reporters trying to find out what exactly he (punishment) was given by NUS. Alvin also closed up his Facebook from public view, only those granted access could view what he writes about the final verdict…


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