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Lion City news extract

By: Old_Folk@CoffeeShop

Time To Reflect On Simple Questions/Issues

The defence minister came forward to announce the outcome of an investigation in parliament. It is concerning why two young soldiers died in training within two months in first half of this year.

Apparently it was reported that it all boils down to Neglected Training Safety Management! (Now, tell the poor patents of the dead young men about this.) News reported that army sent A Group of 8 officers to inform parents about the investigation outcome!

As usual, coffee shop old folks love to comment and give their two-cents worth of opinion, that

– improving training safety is not about keep adding more and more regulations, it is about close supervision on the ground! This is the first golden rule.

– without seriously and truly upholding Command Responsibility at each level of command chains, training safety cannot be effectively achieved. (dun ask old folks to explain this…. The army should know it better.)

– smoke can kill, but poor mind-set is worse!

For donkey years, the Lion Army has been working on improving safety management. Hopefully this time round the stars and “crabs” are much more determined than previously… to boost up training safety.
Keep up the usual good work, guys.
And remember, command responsibility matters.

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen today revealed that there
were clear breaches of training safety regulations in the
deaths of two full-time national servicemen earlier this year.
A Commanding Officer has since been replaced and six
other commanders redeployed for the regulations
contravened under their watch, even as investigations are
ongoing to see if they should be prosecuted in the military
or civil courts.


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