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An Emotionless Nation? Singapore

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23 Nov 2012 FRI
By: Coffee Shop Old Folk

Why Singaporeans Can’t Accept The Survey?

The recent survey on emotion expression by countries (by an international agency) has aroused some ripples in Singapore. Because the small Red Dot has been rated as the Most Emotionless Country on earth.

Some coffee shop old folks tend to agree with the survey result, reasons:

– Singaporeans grown up in a system and environment that can only accept praises (even the bluffs) but NOT slightest constructive criticisms. We love to be commended for word #1 in this and that…. That’s all.

– Living long under the “harmony” banner and tend to be extremely cautious about expressing personal pinion or emotion in public (not even on Facebook). It proves to be a right/safe way of living in harmony…

At the end of it, there’s nothing wrong being rated last for something ONCE IN A WHILE.

Cheer Up!


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