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Singapore media article extract

26 Nov 2012

by:  Coffee Shop Old Folk

The Author Is Damned Right About What Happens To Facebook These Days…

Facebook ends up a low-down platform for many tiny-brain human to boast about what they eat and where they visit … and who they are drinking with…

My coffee shop friends are really pissed off with the following Facebook boastful and low-down mentality: 

–  write about “i just went to this xxx restaurant to have a nice meal… look at the pic… that’s what i orderd.”

–  write about “hi i am in xxx country now…. wow… look at the hotel i am staying…”

–  look at how much i enjoy these girls aound me…

–  look at my oral …

–  look at this… look at that…

One old folk says: “those really got money to enjoy real big things never write in Facebook right? only little A** try to boast…”

Another old folk chips in, “oh yeh, you know what? there’s this girl of my friend’s uncle’s neighbour’s daughter who used to boast about things on her Facebook, she even posted her overseas university examination results on it… but my friend told me that her facebook nowaday becomes rather ‘quiet’. That’s because after her graduation from a UK university and couldn’t find a job there, now back in town working as a low-grade admin staff of a community institution. Nothing else to boast, haha.”

A wise guy nearby commented,  “Those tiny-brain human always assume that they are great living things hovering high above but in reality, they are just small meatballs rolling around…”




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