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Singapore interesting media extracts

by:  Roadside Observer

Subject:  Speaker of Parliament Brought Down By…

This is the hottest news subject in town this period.
Lessons learnt: 
(1)  Stay away from (hot) women if you are political figure.
(2)  Don’t use Facebook to brag your lifestyle, it sure to come back and haunt you.
(3)  “The things i do for you…”
(4) Dun trust your closed friends too much.

It is amazing that the Lion City bloggers are very “efficient” in digging out from “her” Facebook pages and share with public.
She closed her FB after this incident but has no use though.


Side-affair of M and L was all over front pages of pubic media in town.


Intimate chats been dug out by…. and exposed to the media.


Facebook photos of the woman leaked…


“… capable and hardworking…” according to….



(photos are from published media)


Exposed by Deep-throat from within… closed friend(s) tipped off the media before the case went public…


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