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Singapore Going For New & Bold Vision 2030

local media highlights/extracts

by:  Roadside Observer

Will It Work? A Big & Impactful Plan

This two days the Lioncity State media highlighted viewpoints full of concerns about whether the island state can still handle more population increase, all the way from its current 5.3 million to 6.9m by year 2030.

The fact remains, a critical mass population size will ensure future survival of this small state. If birth rates cannot go up, then immigration and foreign talents are the possible answers.

The worries many people have are:
–  will most of the valued (better paid) jobs go to PRs and foreign talents?
–  adequacy of affordable housing?
–  adequacy of afordable healthcare services?
–  adequacy of transportation and public infrastructure?
–  quality of living can be maintained or improved with such population increase on a small land mass?
–  energy and water consumption will increase tremendously. The costs are high.
–  inflationary pressure must be managed in accordance with such a bold population strategy over longer term period.

As reported by the media, most people when asked, expressed concerns about the “new population vision/strategy”…
As some say, target number is one thing, the process of arriving at this scenario must be carefully planned and well executed.
It can be a Make-or-break situation.
More thought should be put into this bold vision to make it work, for the good of high majority if not all, especially for its citizens.




The landscape is changing fast.
To adapt and change are  relatively easy but the trickiest is to commit to a long-term solution that strikes a good balance that’s well supported by people.

SUEd for Oral Sex

Lioncity media extracts

by:  Coffeeshop Old Man

Lion City Woman Trapped In Oral Case

According to the local media reports, the woman key witness who is involved in the sex corruption law suit has four reasons for why she had given the accused 4 times of “warm-mouth service”.

Her reasons, for each of the mouth-service as reported by the media:

1.  he’s a senior official
2.  afraid to lose her business deal
3.  he’s a customer
4. he’s a potential customer

As reported, this case will have its verdict on 14 Feb 2013 Valentine’s Day…

LionCity Re-election

media extracts

by:  Ignorant Old Folk

Kudos to the Lioncity State that successfully staged an exciting, peaceful, though a surprising outcome but fair re-election for its Punggol East constituency. This show-case a high standard of democracy for Asian countries to emulate.

As repported by its local media, the message is clear, from the voters: “Bread & butter solutions and Singaporeans First”. Regardless of party politics.
Both political parties put forth very good candidates this time around. As they all say, the choice is decided by the people.

The following are reports by local media.








Dilemma Of Singapore Life Insurance Agents

media extracts of local newspaper

Why Singapore Life Insurance Agency Distribution Channel Is Game Over!

contributed by: Stephen W. Scotts

Over the last 12 years Singapore life insurance sector has been going through waves of changes.
Mainly the various changes were aimed to achieve the following goals:
(1)  Making life insurance products cheaper for masses, by lowering customer acquition (distrbution) costs;
(2)  Raise the standards of life insurance services, especially agency distribution which based on commission income;
(3)  Making costs of life insurance more transparent.

However, to date  the outcome is still not promissing and therefore, another round of panel (committee) review is carried out.
Their recommendations are published for public (and practioners) feedback, as follows


Based on the above recommendations, two apects of life insurance distribution will be severely affected; (1) with direct sales of life, health and term insurance products to customers without commission charges, most life insurance agents cannot survive in the industry; (2) insurance agency supervisors and managers no longer able to bear the costs of recruiting and grooming new (and effective) agents, due to falling Overriding commission income.

Overall, it is envisaged that Singapore life insurance agency distribution channel will continue to decline (in quality) and go into a vicious cycle – producing even lower quality personalized service to clients. You can’t get talents to join this sector with recommended commission squeeze.

One way is to cap the level of life insurance agency size (by regulation) for the entire sector and for insurance operators and also, to further raise its entry standard keeping abreast with financial sector such as banking and investment field. As it goes, it is known that currently only 1/3 of insurance agents are truly effective and of minimum service quality standard. 

Insurance operators should again consider Direct-service agents under proper and competitive salary scheme with performance (and quality service) based payouts. This approach paired with direct sales of whole-life, health and term products will work very well in effectively raising service level for customers.


Singapore Law Professor And His Student

Story extracts – from The Straits Times

A Strange Love Story With A Closed Door Deal….

by:   Coffeeshop Old Folk

The most exciting legal case in the Lioncity court now is obviously the alleged corruption case involving a university law professor and his student.


Coffeeshop old folks get quite confused over what’s reported in the Lioncity local media. 
First, the two persons involved say that this is their own love affair and “gifts of love”;
then apparently the girl said she had to meet the demand of an official from the investigation agency and therefore struck a deal”;
then, in the courtroom she “tells the truth” … but not what’s recorded in her statement by the agency….

So one (coffeeshop) old folk asked, “Now who to believe? but can the agency struck a special deal like that with the girl and be accepted in court?”
The fact is, nobody in coffeeshop knows….


gifts of love +  good sex + good dinner + good grades = corruption?


Apparently it’s reported that “there’s a deal”….

Whao… really very confusing for commoners in the coffeeshop to understand this case. But, at least people start to read newspapers, a good sign.

A New Dawn Of Singapore Property Landscape?

A Big Surprise For All… Both Property Developers And Investors

12 Jan 2013

Just the day before, property market “gurus” were still singing praise for a good year of property investment for the island state (i.e. prices will continue to rise). Today onwards in the foreseeable future the landscape has changed dramatically.

This round of control measure is One-of-the-best so far, in terms of Timing and Targeted groups. This time around, the policy aims to curb property speculation more aggressively and to ensure that for this two years Singapore property market will consolidate and not collapse due to economy downturn.  In simple words, it means that when the Storm hits, hopefully less people will die… Anyway, for those who rushed in (with high mortgage loan) and entered the property market in the last two years, some (if not most) may die pretty ugly when interest rates go up to 4 – 6%.

As a whole, those who think that they could pick the fruits bcause of this round of new control measure, it remains a long-shot.  Prices will not come down as the market in general still has the holding power.

Yesterday…. They Say This.


Today…. The New Ball Game Starts.




10 Jan 2013  THUR

by:  Pastor Joshua


Recently i met up with an old pal from Brazil; he has a son who is a “half-way house” thinker, a graduate of a reputable university in South America. But his son likes people to address him as philosopher of sort.

So his son’s syndrome is rather a compulsive mind that’s not in sync with reality. According to this old pal of mine, his son maintains that he should find out (or dig out) the meaning of life in his life-time in order to “carry the globe on his shoulder”………. 撑起地球来。
But the most interesting part of this person remains his behavioural pattern:
–  he likes socializing around and feels extremely comfortable being jobless;
–  he lives on his parent’s per dim;
–  he spends lots of time playing pc games;
–  but he’s a good guy…

Another interesting question about his guy is What exactly he would become in 10 years time?
My coffee shop old buddy who’s a wise man, says: “I bet he will be somebody.” 

Then, another smart guy used to hang around at the coffeeshop moved over and put a soda drink bottle on the table and explained, “If you see things through the bottle you feel that everthing is bigger.”  He paused for a while and continued, “It is what i called bloated images of your own mind that’s being magnified by the bottle. You start to think that the magnified image is real and larger than life. And, everyone of us carries such a bottle in some point in time.”

My old buddy was quick to chip in, “Oh, then it will be very interestng if someone carrying a big bottle made of thick glass and filled with water isn’t it?”

The smart guy jumped up from his seat and exclaimed, “YES! That’s called compulsive…”
I added on, “Is called compulsive bloated syndrome?”
But the old coffeeshop man just laughed and threw us his final words: “Aiyah… it’s Cho Bo Lan syndrome la…..”
(by-the-way, CBL means doing f***-off in local terms).


Singapore Economic Growth Scenarios 新加坡的经济发展趋势

Extracts of ST news article (background story)

5th Jan 2013 SAT

by:  Roadside Observer 旁观者

The Suggested Scenarios Are “Good” But Lacking Essence of Scenario-planning/exploration

That said, such selection of scenarios by ST Team seemingly very logical but in essence, even a group of secondary school students could come up with the same “conclusion”. Essentially, scenario exploration is NOT what you choose to happen but it is an approach to Discover what’s near or at the horizon and what steps should be taken to take advantage of that most probable scenario.

Read the ST article carefully and you would realize that so called three (3) scenarios are merely Wish-list or Preferences; far from the true essence of critical scenario-planning (exploration) approach. Hence, the outcome in year 2030 may still ends up a big surprise for the LionCity State!

The ST team of writers simply failed to consider the following factors with some serious thoughts,

(1)  What are the critical factors (big problems) that LionCity will be confronting with, over the next 5 -10 years? And the anwers to these critical issues?

(2)  What can be the consequences IF these critical factors are not managed well? Any fall back or contingency plans?

(3)  What are the critical success factors the LionCity must have a good grasp with effective national policies?

(4)  What are the capability programs that LionCity must embark on, to make things happen?

While world (and regional) politics and economic environment remain the major moving forces on most nations, well explored scenarios can help a nation to shape its probable future without passively being drag down by unforeseen situations, yet allows strategic management of resources to take full advantage of what will likely to take place within a time frame (say between 5 – 10 years) that can be more accurately explored and to act upon with effective policies and programs.



Singapore Who’s Who In 2012/2013 新加坡 “名人榜”

LionCity news media extracts

by:  CoffeeShop Old Folk

Elites, Pimp and Leaders

All in one pot…


One coffee shop old folk: “Looks like Sex And The City”.
A wiseman: “……….”

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