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10 Jan 2013  THUR

by:  Pastor Joshua


Recently i met up with an old pal from Brazil; he has a son who is a “half-way house” thinker, a graduate of a reputable university in South America. But his son likes people to address him as philosopher of sort.

So his son’s syndrome is rather a compulsive mind that’s not in sync with reality. According to this old pal of mine, his son maintains that he should find out (or dig out) the meaning of life in his life-time in order to “carry the globe on his shoulder”………. 撑起地球来。
But the most interesting part of this person remains his behavioural pattern:
–  he likes socializing around and feels extremely comfortable being jobless;
–  he lives on his parent’s per dim;
–  he spends lots of time playing pc games;
–  but he’s a good guy…

Another interesting question about his guy is What exactly he would become in 10 years time?
My coffee shop old buddy who’s a wise man, says: “I bet he will be somebody.” 

Then, another smart guy used to hang around at the coffeeshop moved over and put a soda drink bottle on the table and explained, “If you see things through the bottle you feel that everthing is bigger.”  He paused for a while and continued, “It is what i called bloated images of your own mind that’s being magnified by the bottle. You start to think that the magnified image is real and larger than life. And, everyone of us carries such a bottle in some point in time.”

My old buddy was quick to chip in, “Oh, then it will be very interestng if someone carrying a big bottle made of thick glass and filled with water isn’t it?”

The smart guy jumped up from his seat and exclaimed, “YES! That’s called compulsive…”
I added on, “Is called compulsive bloated syndrome?”
But the old coffeeshop man just laughed and threw us his final words: “Aiyah… it’s Cho Bo Lan syndrome la…..”
(by-the-way, CBL means doing f***-off in local terms).



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