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A New Dawn Of Singapore Property Landscape?

A Big Surprise For All… Both Property Developers And Investors

12 Jan 2013

Just the day before, property market “gurus” were still singing praise for a good year of property investment for the island state (i.e. prices will continue to rise). Today onwards in the foreseeable future the landscape has changed dramatically.

This round of control measure is One-of-the-best so far, in terms of Timing and Targeted groups. This time around, the policy aims to curb property speculation more aggressively and to ensure that for this two years Singapore property market will consolidate and not collapse due to economy downturn.  In simple words, it means that when the Storm hits, hopefully less people will die… Anyway, for those who rushed in (with high mortgage loan) and entered the property market in the last two years, some (if not most) may die pretty ugly when interest rates go up to 4 – 6%.

As a whole, those who think that they could pick the fruits bcause of this round of new control measure, it remains a long-shot.  Prices will not come down as the market in general still has the holding power.

Yesterday…. They Say This.


Today…. The New Ball Game Starts.




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