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Singapore Law Professor And His Student

Story extracts – from The Straits Times

A Strange Love Story With A Closed Door Deal….

by:   Coffeeshop Old Folk

The most exciting legal case in the Lioncity court now is obviously the alleged corruption case involving a university law professor and his student.


Coffeeshop old folks get quite confused over what’s reported in the Lioncity local media. 
First, the two persons involved say that this is their own love affair and “gifts of love”;
then apparently the girl said she had to meet the demand of an official from the investigation agency and therefore struck a deal”;
then, in the courtroom she “tells the truth” … but not what’s recorded in her statement by the agency….

So one (coffeeshop) old folk asked, “Now who to believe? but can the agency struck a special deal like that with the girl and be accepted in court?”
The fact is, nobody in coffeeshop knows….


gifts of love +  good sex + good dinner + good grades = corruption?


Apparently it’s reported that “there’s a deal”….

Whao… really very confusing for commoners in the coffeeshop to understand this case. But, at least people start to read newspapers, a good sign.


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