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Singapore Going For New & Bold Vision 2030

local media highlights/extracts

by:  Roadside Observer

Will It Work? A Big & Impactful Plan

This two days the Lioncity State media highlighted viewpoints full of concerns about whether the island state can still handle more population increase, all the way from its current 5.3 million to 6.9m by year 2030.

The fact remains, a critical mass population size will ensure future survival of this small state. If birth rates cannot go up, then immigration and foreign talents are the possible answers.

The worries many people have are:
–  will most of the valued (better paid) jobs go to PRs and foreign talents?
–  adequacy of affordable housing?
–  adequacy of afordable healthcare services?
–  adequacy of transportation and public infrastructure?
–  quality of living can be maintained or improved with such population increase on a small land mass?
–  energy and water consumption will increase tremendously. The costs are high.
–  inflationary pressure must be managed in accordance with such a bold population strategy over longer term period.

As reported by the media, most people when asked, expressed concerns about the “new population vision/strategy”…
As some say, target number is one thing, the process of arriving at this scenario must be carefully planned and well executed.
It can be a Make-or-break situation.
More thought should be put into this bold vision to make it work, for the good of high majority if not all, especially for its citizens.




The landscape is changing fast.
To adapt and change are  relatively easy but the trickiest is to commit to a long-term solution that strikes a good balance that’s well supported by people.


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