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Lioncity Dilemma

Singapore media plugs

Not Enough Money For Retirement

It was reported that most Singaporeans are very lacking of cash saving for a proper retirement.
Indeed, most Singaporeans life-time income go to long term (averaged 29 years) housing mortgage and high transportation costs (car ownership).
By the time they retire, very little is left in their saving for a decent and comfortable retirement life, not counting high medical care costs.



above: “Saving could only last (retirees) for about 9 years upon retirement…”

新加坡人不懂思考 Singaporeans Can’t Think!

Lioncity media extracts

by:  Coffeeshop Old Folk

Think. Again… 再想一想 。

Read the following Readers Forum letters published in the City’s Chinese media.


above:  Open up, bring in more is good for growth and the future


above:  Over-crowded population can create a big problem… on living environment and governance

Coffeeshop wisdom:

Either party (the two writers above) CAN’T THINK PROPERLY!
Kept Going Round The Bushes.


above: Some are hopeful; (apparently) many are not.

You Know What?
The real issue is,
Can The Govt. Then Able To Manage Such A Size (6.9 million population mix) Efficiently In A Tiny Land Mass With Conflicting Resource Demands, Yet Delivers All The Good Things Mentioned In The White Paper? Or Negative Results That May Derive From The Execution (of this policy) Are Overwhelming And More Real Instead?
How To Achieve Right Balance When The Nation Moves On?

Coffeeshop old folks have no answer to the above Real Issue yet…

Is like a big investment with all your money. The common saying: “Past records are not proof of future investment returns.”

Got to think harder.

Another Lioncity Scholar Went Naked?!

Singapore media extracts

by:  Coffeeshop Old Folk

The HNB A “Proven” Old Tactic Commonly Used?

Another fully naked man been observed walking around a food market in Singapore yesterday.

One coffeeshop old man says, “Hey, isnt this a common trick used by
Singapore scholarship holders if they regret about the scheme and use this misbehaviour in public to disengage from their service bond/obligation?”

Another coffeeshop old guy jumps, “Yes! i think you might be right about that!”

Such “Human Naked Bomb” (HNB) happened numerous times in the Lioncity State, including a famous case invloved a young couple (she’s scholdership holder). The tactic is proven to be very effective for regretful scholarship holders to part with their bond and the organization that offers them scholarship.

A wiseman says, “Dun jump to conclusion as yet. Maybe it’s just a case of protest for the recent White Paper saga? Or simply just a case of sour boy-girl relationship?”



above: Unique “Lioncity Human Naked Bomb” – HNB!


Yours Singapore News In Lunar New Year

Lioncity local media extracts



above:  Poor guy… in a harmonious society 保重 。。。


above:  What a political party leader suggests 前景 。。。


above:  The aim… 平衡与问责


above: Growth at what cost?!

above: What price to pay…? “Yours Singapore?”

Singapore ex-Civil Servant Says…

Singapore media extracts

“Public Service In Auto-pilot Mode”

Media reports,


–  “Govt. must not be threatened by employers”;

–  “National Dialoge too much ‘Wayang’ (child-play)?…”

–  “Civil service over emphasizes KPI…”



above: Peaceful protest on “White Paper” of Singapore’s “future”.

The Ride of Your Life

by :  Joshua

Have A Firm Target, Don’t Just Create Scenarios

At times, depends on seeing from which angle, you may think that there are plenty of choices/options left for you.

Ironically, more choices may not be a good thing. Such situation distracts you from making the Right choice.

Some like to express so called the Worst-case scenario. This mentality is viable only for Immediate Action such as police force trying to storm a hideout to rescue hostages.

Worst-case scenario if it is adopted for strategic planning tends to lead to a fait-accompli outcome. Road of No-return.


Those who achieve greater performance in various aspects of life know how to Think & Discard choices appear to be “promising” but eventually lead to Timbuktu. They only act on choices that carry them to their well-defined goals, with discernment.

Have a clear-mind, think and push on your well-defined goal.


God bless those have wisdom, more.

Hottest News In Singapore – “Poison To Fight Poison”?

Singapore media hottest news extracts

by:   Coffeeshop Old Folk

Corrupt Prevention Investigation Bureau Senior Official Under Investigation… Suspected of Misappropriation of (big) Money

员,担任助理司长(Assistant Director)职位。
The involved CPIV senior official (assistant director) has been suspended from duty, pending investigation.
According to press, quite a big sum of money was involved in this case….



One coffeeshop old folk asks, “Is this a biggest joke or what?”
Another old folk replies, “I thought these people supposed to catch others who corrupt? So, using poison to fight poison?”
A wise man says, “Maybe this thing happens only once in many years? Let’s wait and see, don’t make any harsh judgment.”


In contrast, another corruption case hotly pursued by the CPIB in the past few months, in which involved ex senior civil servant Ng Boon Gay has been acquitted by the court today.


成也沟通 ,败也沟通? Communication, Communication, Communication!

Media extracts

by:  Roadside Observer

Communication, Communication, Communication!

The Chinese meaning for the syndrome is, “成也沟通 ,敗也沟通!”

(If you can’t say it right, don’t expect others to get it right!)

A big lesson learnt. Improvement should follow. Good for Lioncity.



Singapore White Paper – Population Size Is Not The Goal!

A critical review of the White Paper must be carried out by 2020.

“… beyong 2020 things are still vague, uncertain…”

Yes, population size is not a meaningful target, population well-being IS.
But, can the country’s capability programs match up with all the stuff needed to be done?




MP Phua puts it very well.

See you in 2020…

A Member of Parliament Has True Wisdom – Singapore’s Future

media extracts (Zaobao News)

“The worst-case could happen, a fait accompli)…”

Because? The outcome is heavily policy-driven.

Looks like the parliament debate on Lioncity future is gaining momentum… with more ideas and questions on fundamental issues.


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