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by:  Roadside Observer

The media of Lioncity contunued to report and highlight the island state’s most talked about “6.9m Population White-paper Report”.

Thinking aloud, in the midst of overwhelming reactions, are there blindspots inherent in the turf of policy-planners and oppositions likewise?
For the commoners, majority are not even aware of what’s scenario-planning; but hugely concern about the big alarming figure – 6.9 million population and resulting quality of living.

While the intention is good and general direction correct, there could be a risk of not fully understanding the inherent blindspots by those who plan and argue for the “Worst-Case Scenario-planning”; and those who oppose it.

The most pertinent point in this debate is to fully appreciate What Scenario-planning Can Do For Singapore?
It should be noted that any worst-case planning is only valid for short-term actions or contingencies.
For long-term scenario planning, it is of greater risk to rely on Worst-Case thinking.
The reason is very simple : Population demands and policy-making may be constantly in conflicts and key resources wasted onto “the advocated worst-case” instead of driving for more fruitful outcomes – desired goals and vision!!!
To advocate a Wosrt-case planning basis (though it may not be the target) may indicate the lack of a FOCAL Issue/Point for scenario-planning in the Population White Paper(?).

South Africa’s successful attainment of great progressive national goals was largely based on a Most Desired scenario that drives (and inspires) the whole nation towards it; Not by pushing and advocating the worst-case scenario.

History remains important guide to long-term social-economic development.

Go for a desired scenario instead that can rally and inspire the whole nation forward; generates greater good for people and a good fit for Singapore’s long-term future.





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