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media update

by:  Coffeeshop Old Folk

If 6.9 Million Not Important…

We coffeeshop old folks got more confused after more media reports (and whoever try to clarify), about the Tiny Island’s population white paper.

One old folk says, “If the number is not so important and not a target, then why shouts so loud about it in the first place? it looks like a poor marketing campaign… for a good product?”

Another confused old folk, “Does it mean that oredi limited resources will be put to the planning of 6.9 million population and waste them along the way!? You mean they have no control over immigration going forward?”

An old folk chips in, “Then what’s the realistic and most aspired goal that Singaporeans should aim for? If the 6.9 million figure is just there for show as some people claim. Those people just could not explain it clearly.”

First old folk comments, “If they say the 6.9 million is the resulting end/outcome then the whole thing is meaningless. The ‘End’ (outcome) should be what gains and benefits for Singapore and its people!”

Wiseman says: “You guys dun jump the gun la. Must wait till parliament starts to debate on the matter. Dun judge too quick on the surface, we shall see.”



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