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Media extracts (5 Feb 2013)

by:   Roadside Observer

In Future “Singaporeans” = Everyone Living & Working In Singapore?

It is still early to come to a solid conclusion of whether the Population White Paper is worth any sort.

More intensive debates with crystal clear-mind, based upon a well-defined (most valid) Focal Issue should be the only basis for any arguments.

One thing for sure, IF this white paper is put to work and later, by 2030 the situation is better than now, is all good. What if the situation is much worse than now? By then, there is no turning back… No “Undo” button available!

The most crucial question at this juncture is not which road to take, but rather, Can Singaporeans Think?

Once again, decision must derive from intentive debates with crystal-clear mind upon a Most Valid Focal Issue.







What A High School Student Has To Say



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