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by:  Coffeeshop Old Folk

What The Commentary Says

The following commentary by Mr. 吴 published on today’s Zaobao news gives his half-right perspective and equation.

Our coffeeshop old folks say:
吴 only uses his own assumption about how he thought the figure of 6.9 million would add up to be “correct” and so, things would be “alright” when the time comes, i.e. 2030. He hates what some people called the white paper a Ponzi Scheme. Though he is right to urge MPs to give it more thought and with concrete examples of how to work towards that.


What he did not “see” (due to blindspots), are the following:
–  inflationary economic environment that will make the 6.9 million population yet with limited resources very unbearable;
–  greater split and division between Singaporeans and foreigners who live and work in this crowded space;
–  Quality of Living will be improved and not worse?
–  there will be greater conflicts about (limited) resource utilization, including infrastructure development in support of huge population and, especially prioritization and timing of doing all the stuff needed to be done.

Implementation is NOT as simple as planning on paper!

So, most aspects of public service level and efficiency may not improve fast enough to keep abreast with increase in population. Same for costs of living… etc. that’s likely to be higher than today.

Yes, kept on figure-nipping (6.9 million) is not the way to derive at the right choice or solution; MPs should dare to highlight the real impact on Singapore with the population white paper put into actions. Currently some just sing praises about this (white paper); while many Singaporeans think that this proposal remains a long-shot, based on enough common sense though.

To ensure the future of Singapore, MPs must adopt critical approach (fault-finding) to examine the content, detailed emphases and capability for good implementation in the white paper, and not just touch n go questions with bits of emotional expression of the subject for the press to report on.

Singaporeans are watching and listening, about the Big Debate. People will naturally follow a solution that is convincing (highly believable) yet will serve the good of large majority, including Singaporeans well-being, which remains the core of this debate.


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