Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

Media Report extracts

by:  Little Wiseman

After reading the various reports and debates in Parliament, i would think that the key considerations should be >>>

(1)  policy-makers should define clearly What Are The short-mid-long term targets & progress blueprints for Singapore; and not in broadbrush.


(2)  Explain that whether the projected 2 – 3% growth rates going forward can SUSTAIN a population up to 6.9 million?! In term of job creation, wage structure, inflationary pressure etc. etc.


(3)  Can a nation maintains unity and cohesion in crisis only with 55% citizens in total population mix?


(4)  Is there any MEANING for 6.5 – 6.9 million population (if it really happens) IF THERE’s NO GOOD ANSWER TO THE ABOVE THREE QUESTIONS.


These are the 2-cents worth of contribution to the “big debate”…
Hope the MPs can focus on the real issues and impact; each should give their own justifiable answer/solution for public debates and not pointing fingers.


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