Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by :  Joshua

Have A Firm Target, Don’t Just Create Scenarios

At times, depends on seeing from which angle, you may think that there are plenty of choices/options left for you.

Ironically, more choices may not be a good thing. Such situation distracts you from making the Right choice.

Some like to express so called the Worst-case scenario. This mentality is viable only for Immediate Action such as police force trying to storm a hideout to rescue hostages.

Worst-case scenario if it is adopted for strategic planning tends to lead to a fait-accompli outcome. Road of No-return.


Those who achieve greater performance in various aspects of life know how to Think & Discard choices appear to be “promising” but eventually lead to Timbuktu. They only act on choices that carry them to their well-defined goals, with discernment.

Have a clear-mind, think and push on your well-defined goal.


God bless those have wisdom, more.


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