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Singapore media extracts

by:  Coffeeshop Old Folk

The HNB A “Proven” Old Tactic Commonly Used?

Another fully naked man been observed walking around a food market in Singapore yesterday.

One coffeeshop old man says, “Hey, isnt this a common trick used by
Singapore scholarship holders if they regret about the scheme and use this misbehaviour in public to disengage from their service bond/obligation?”

Another coffeeshop old guy jumps, “Yes! i think you might be right about that!”

Such “Human Naked Bomb” (HNB) happened numerous times in the Lioncity State, including a famous case invloved a young couple (she’s scholdership holder). The tactic is proven to be very effective for regretful scholarship holders to part with their bond and the organization that offers them scholarship.

A wiseman says, “Dun jump to conclusion as yet. Maybe it’s just a case of protest for the recent White Paper saga? Or simply just a case of sour boy-girl relationship?”



above: Unique “Lioncity Human Naked Bomb” – HNB!



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