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Lioncity media extracts

by:  Coffeeshop Old Folk

Think. Again… 再想一想 。

Read the following Readers Forum letters published in the City’s Chinese media.


above:  Open up, bring in more is good for growth and the future


above:  Over-crowded population can create a big problem… on living environment and governance

Coffeeshop wisdom:

Either party (the two writers above) CAN’T THINK PROPERLY!
Kept Going Round The Bushes.


above: Some are hopeful; (apparently) many are not.

You Know What?
The real issue is,
Can The Govt. Then Able To Manage Such A Size (6.9 million population mix) Efficiently In A Tiny Land Mass With Conflicting Resource Demands, Yet Delivers All The Good Things Mentioned In The White Paper? Or Negative Results That May Derive From The Execution (of this policy) Are Overwhelming And More Real Instead?
How To Achieve Right Balance When The Nation Moves On?

Coffeeshop old folks have no answer to the above Real Issue yet…

Is like a big investment with all your money. The common saying: “Past records are not proof of future investment returns.”

Got to think harder.


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