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New Superman Movie 2013 – “Return of The Dark Prince”

media extract… plus movie critic

World most idiotic acting ever, by actor Kim

by: Association of Movie Arts

Movie critics opinion:

–  this is a junk movie.
–  that’s why both China & Russia are keeping mum.
–  Apparently Actor Kim is being manipulated by his military generals. They are testing his judgment as a leader.
–  If Kim really creates a booboo, then the old guards in the military have reasons to over thrown him.
–  This is no old-style Korean War movie, look at how the US punished the world 3rd largest army (Irag) in Operation Desert Storm.
–  China & Russia at this juncture has no time to get involve in a messy conflict with US because of stupid Kim.
–  Indeed the US is setting a trap for Kim to walk into it, then claiming most legitimate reason to once and for all wipe out Kim’s nuclear facilities. Remember how president Bush used the “best reason” to destroy Irag?
–  Just look at the news picture provided by Kim & Co. Movie Production… they show the operation room pic with Kim and his generals posing for the photo shoot. They even specially show a map on the wall, with big title: “… US Mainland Striking Plan”! Can you believe that? Haha…
–  The Oscar has refused to admit this movie acted by Kim and his merrymaking men for the 2014 Oscar Award nomination.

(The above opinions by movie critics are not necessarily endorsed by this blog and does not representing the official view of Faithfulthoughts.)




China’s 1st Self-service & Self-paying Shop 无人售货店

media extract

This Is So Unreal… Better Than Self-pay News Stand

This shop in China Hunan has no shop attendant at all.
Customers could just walk in and pick up what they wish to buy and place payment into a cash box, according to the price tag.

Best still, the shop owner prepares some loose cash in the cash box for change back. Customers could just pick up the amount of change as they purchase things from the shop.

Is this on Mars? No. It’s 100% real in China! 2013.

Oh dear… what changes China has been through?


above:  The lady shop-owner and her self-serve & paying shop. Her motto: “You trust me, I trust you.”

Tiger WOODS Back On Top Young Boy Strikes It Big

media extracts with commentary

What’s So Common Yet Not So Similar

by:   Joshua (pastoral, HK)

It is rather common be it in the West or East, we praise people who make it to the top and excel.

But among the many successful cases it is not so similar to see people who fell from grace or top position to earn it back with their own effort again.  Tiger Woods is one such classic example.



Another not so common success is the following illustration. This teenager manged to put his thought and idea to work at the age of 15, and by 17 he is a millionaire!
Read what he has done…


Pastor Joshua says, “Not everybody can achieve greatness in something. This two cases illustrate the essence that if you think you are at least good enough, should try out your work/talent early, giving it all to achieve something by age of 40. Beyond 40 if you still struggling along, it is game over! Albeit they are some late-developers out there… but don’t try to bluff yourself.” Beyond 40, it is very unlikely that you will be given a Reboot or change of CPU or RAM as in the case of our PCs and smart devices.

The trouble is that in this world, they are many people just kept thinking about becoming another Moses (spiritually) or Einstein or Steve Jobs. Yet they literally letting off their opportunities without even a good decent try.

So, Kudos to Tiger Woods and this young boy. They deserve all the rewards and praises.

Tiger Woods Regains World #1 Position

media extracts

Woods’ win in the most recent Arnold Palmer Invitation Cup makes him the world #1 golfer again…

It’s no mean feat at all.



老虎还是世界第一等 。。。武林盟主 。

20 Years No Sex! 林新邦爆彭楚梅很久没性 。。。

media extracts Singapore

By:  Coffeeshop Old Folk

Poor Woman…

The case of alleged corruption involving the ex Singapore Civil Defense Force chief is now in court.


He said that she expressed her desires to be his girlfriend and willing to offer him the Oral.
Apparently it was reported by one of the press that she told him that she had no sex for the last 20 years…



… So, that was how it happened that night in the car, an act of Oral took place naturally.

The court hearing will continue…

One coffeeshop old folk commented, “wow, 20 years is a long time man… ”
Another old folk joined in, “aiyah, can DIY do you know? Is the same…”
One wiseman concluded, “you stupid people, is about Sex or Corruption! Not about Oral nor Written… intention.”



Destination & Journey

by:   Joshua (pastoral)

An Interesting phenomena

It is a rather common scenario or phenomena around us these days, that if we carefully observe people whom we interact with to realize that these people are sitting on their rotating chair of their life.

I call these people the “Sitting Thinkers”.

They could easily describe what they aspire to achieve in life.
They also seem to set much higher goals than others.
They seem to be smart enough.

The whole trouble with these people is that they never actually leave their comfort seat/chair to walk the journey. Yet they sounded convincing whenever they speak about their strengths and desires.

My friend’s only son (mr. Yan Kong) has been swirling on his Chair round and round for many years, having great desires (destinations) to himself. A classic example of looking at the destination but fails to recognize that he’s still swirling on a rotating platform, heading nowhere.

Another example is like my church elder who’s crazy about becoming a pastoral stuff but he just can’t let go his material needs…
But he kept agonizing about his (plight)… what i called Swirling On The Chair, with both feet of the ground!

Swirling give you a false sense of progression (motion and speed), yet you are going nowhere!

The journey itself can be more rewarding than just dreaming at the destination. Journey comes first, then when arriving at the destination becomes meaningful.


New Way New Thinking for Singapore

news extracts

Singapore has come to the watershed of national development. Its government needs to adopt more open style and mindset in dealing with various issues.
The country will have to get use to slower economic growth and face more dynamic changes.

But can its civil service systems keep up the pace?




Singapore White Paper – Overly Simplifies Complex Issues of Economic Growth

Exract of Singapore media report



Coffeeshop old folk says, “This is a case of trying to sell smart TVs and Android smart phones to African tribes… So the sales pitch was made overly simplistic.”

Singapore Society – A Nation Still In The Making?

media extracts



Coffeeshop old folk says: “At what cost is our social progression?”

Wiseman says: “Idiot, is GDP game!”

Onlooker says: “No. Is social harmony that’s at stake.”

Another coffee-drinker says, “This MP makes sense.”

An idiot says, “你们在说什么 ?”

Keep Trying… City Harvest Scam Case

Singapore media news extracts

by:  Ah Seng

This Guy Is Desperate

The infamously City Harvest Church money scandal is about to go to court. While the rest of accused had already hired their very expensive senior counsels to defense their idiotic scam, this guy is yet to find a senior lawyer to take on his case…

Don’t worry… be happy…. (as the song goes).




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