Sharing of common sense and wisdom…

by:   Joshua (pastoral)

An Interesting phenomena

It is a rather common scenario or phenomena around us these days, that if we carefully observe people whom we interact with to realize that these people are sitting on their rotating chair of their life.

I call these people the “Sitting Thinkers”.

They could easily describe what they aspire to achieve in life.
They also seem to set much higher goals than others.
They seem to be smart enough.

The whole trouble with these people is that they never actually leave their comfort seat/chair to walk the journey. Yet they sounded convincing whenever they speak about their strengths and desires.

My friend’s only son (mr. Yan Kong) has been swirling on his Chair round and round for many years, having great desires (destinations) to himself. A classic example of looking at the destination but fails to recognize that he’s still swirling on a rotating platform, heading nowhere.

Another example is like my church elder who’s crazy about becoming a pastoral stuff but he just can’t let go his material needs…
But he kept agonizing about his (plight)… what i called Swirling On The Chair, with both feet of the ground!

Swirling give you a false sense of progression (motion and speed), yet you are going nowhere!

The journey itself can be more rewarding than just dreaming at the destination. Journey comes first, then when arriving at the destination becomes meaningful.



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