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What’s So Common Yet Not So Similar

by:   Joshua (pastoral, HK)

It is rather common be it in the West or East, we praise people who make it to the top and excel.

But among the many successful cases it is not so similar to see people who fell from grace or top position to earn it back with their own effort again.  Tiger Woods is one such classic example.



Another not so common success is the following illustration. This teenager manged to put his thought and idea to work at the age of 15, and by 17 he is a millionaire!
Read what he has done…


Pastor Joshua says, “Not everybody can achieve greatness in something. This two cases illustrate the essence that if you think you are at least good enough, should try out your work/talent early, giving it all to achieve something by age of 40. Beyond 40 if you still struggling along, it is game over! Albeit they are some late-developers out there… but don’t try to bluff yourself.” Beyond 40, it is very unlikely that you will be given a Reboot or change of CPU or RAM as in the case of our PCs and smart devices.

The trouble is that in this world, they are many people just kept thinking about becoming another Moses (spiritually) or Einstein or Steve Jobs. Yet they literally letting off their opportunities without even a good decent try.

So, Kudos to Tiger Woods and this young boy. They deserve all the rewards and praises.


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