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World most idiotic acting ever, by actor Kim

by: Association of Movie Arts

Movie critics opinion:

–  this is a junk movie.
–  that’s why both China & Russia are keeping mum.
–  Apparently Actor Kim is being manipulated by his military generals. They are testing his judgment as a leader.
–  If Kim really creates a booboo, then the old guards in the military have reasons to over thrown him.
–  This is no old-style Korean War movie, look at how the US punished the world 3rd largest army (Irag) in Operation Desert Storm.
–  China & Russia at this juncture has no time to get involve in a messy conflict with US because of stupid Kim.
–  Indeed the US is setting a trap for Kim to walk into it, then claiming most legitimate reason to once and for all wipe out Kim’s nuclear facilities. Remember how president Bush used the “best reason” to destroy Irag?
–  Just look at the news picture provided by Kim & Co. Movie Production… they show the operation room pic with Kim and his generals posing for the photo shoot. They even specially show a map on the wall, with big title: “… US Mainland Striking Plan”! Can you believe that? Haha…
–  The Oscar has refused to admit this movie acted by Kim and his merrymaking men for the 2014 Oscar Award nomination.

(The above opinions by movie critics are not necessarily endorsed by this blog and does not representing the official view of Faithfulthoughts.)





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